Saturday, December 29, 2018

To stay or go...that is the question

Yesterday I was giving deep thought to just closing the door here and walking away.  What's supposed to be my refuge and place to be creative seemed to have become a second job...where I whined alot.

I was going to pull the plug.  For the second time actually.

And then I found 4 e-mail notifications that you, my friends, had dropped by to say hello.  One of you, who shall remain nameless because we've known each other for umpteen years, made me remember why I write.  Even if I can't stick to 500 words.   :)

Because I love to write.  For me, it's like breathing.

And I love y'all.  It'd feel weird not to be able to reach out and touch.

So for today, I'll leave the door open.  Maybe in 2019 I'll spend more time amongst friends and less worrying about what people I don't know consider important.

Happy New Year to the good people in my life.


Ponita in Real Life said...

It doesn't matter what you write about or how often you write, just know that you have friends out here who will be by every time to see what words have spilled onto your page. Be as creative or as mundane as you want, or even just rant if need be. It's your place... you can do what you like. xoxoxoxo

savannah said...

You write it, I'll read it! Ditto what Ponita said above! xoxox Happy New Year, dear friend!

Z said...

There was a time when we were all blogging and reading each other's blogs and leaving comments, and everyone misses that, but the impetus has gone. The less often we write, the harder it is to get going. Yet we do still care about each other and we all do still love the blogs. Glad you're carrying on.