Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Under Re-Construction

We pause this Blog for a moment as Hubby has just had right hip replacement surgery.  

Oh, he did great.  Surgery Monday morning, released home Tuesday at noon.  "Slight" hiccup in the middle since his spinal wore off before the surgery was done.  Another story for another time.

Let's just say the toughest part of this recovery is convincing him that he's not Superman.  I took him today for his first Rehab session, a mere 2 days after surgery.  It was a pre-lim and the "real" work doesn't start until Friday.  And yet he not only argued that he wanted to drive there (he lost that round, with me compromising to drive his truck, which I don't really like), he won the next one.  His friend David is going to help at the Shop and yep, Hubby's been out there with him since we got home.

Supervisory level, he explained.  No heavy lifting or can-can dancing.  If I get tired, I'll come in the house, he promised.  I think I heard a Superman cape swing into action.

I went out to the Shop to take some paperwork and he's busy behind the counter, helping customers.  Seeing me he said, "Hey David, pass me that tool, would you?" while trying to appear innocent.

Men.  God help us.

So we go again Friday for his first real working session.  He's already told me he'll take himself for the next 5 weeks, beginning Monday.  We'll see.  I told my Boss I might need Monday off and she's already scheduled someone to cover me.

Now if only I don't need to take cover when Hubby hears that.  :)

Y'all have a good week.  (Maybe say a little prayer, think good thoughts or whistle a happy tune if you think of me).


Winifred said...

Hope he continues his recovery. It's amazing how this surgery is so successful.

My husband is waiting for his replacement. Hope it's not too long to wait. I'll be thinking of you both.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Men... indeed. Hopefully he doesn't overdo it. Good luck slowing him down!

maurcheen said...

Men. Yep.!
You are both in my thoughts.

savannah said...

What would we do without these knuckleheads? (yeah, the MITM is right up there with your Hubby!) xoxo

hope said...

Thanks Winifred...the surgery was great, but he better never meet the anesthesiologist in a dark alley.

Ponita: I thought of you when he said, "The best part of this whole experience were my nurses! They were great. Not a grumpy one in the bunch. They took such good care of me!" His surgeon got second place. :)

maurcheen: we love you guys or we would've given up long ago. :)

Sav: yep, that about sums it up. Right now he's filled with righteous indignation about the spinal wearing off, mostly because it caused him to be short of breath too and he couldn't "yell" at anyone to let them know what was happening. When he finally did try, the anesthesia nurse merely nodded and didn't tell the doctor what was happening. And the story continues.... :)

KB said...

Sounds like my husband. Wishing you both the best during his recovery.