Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hey Ma Nature! Enough already!

Yes, we made it through Hurricane Michael's unwelcome visit with just wind and rain.   I picked up a lot of tree branches just now...because Hubby has hip replacement surgery next week and I didn't want the Doc to have to do "extra" repair work.   But the wind suddenly picked up again from dead calm to "breezy" so I decided to stop and allow anything still up in the tree to come to earth without using my head as a cushion.

Thanks to those who checked on us and Sister Savannah.   I'm hoping the rest of the storms will be like Hurricane Leslie, who's been spinning in circles in the Atlantic and trying to head back to Africa.

I'm ready for something different... cooler temperatures.  Hey Ponita, open that door in Canada and let in some fresh air, will ya?  


savannah said...

Sometimes, I wonder how long our luck will hold out living down here. Glad y'all made out OK! xoxox

Ponita in Real Life said...

I'm glad you came through this one generally unscathed. (And Savannah too.) I have no idea how you mentally weather these kinds of storms. I will take a winter blizzard any day over a hurricane! I can just stay home and turn up the heat. And you know.... because of having 'real' winter, we also have a 'no external allergens' season. ;-)

I'd love to do an exchange on heat vs cool. We are only around the freezing mark right now. xoxoxo

ahmed mohamed said...
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hope said...

I'm not ignoring you ladies...I simply ran out of hours in the day. It seems Hurricane season use to peak in September and coast to a close Nov. 30th. Now it seems like October is jealous, so whatever Sept. slung our way, Oct. wants to outdo.

Thankfully, so far, so good. I like southern snow: here today, gone tomorrow. Don't know if I could handle it for months on end. :)