Saturday, September 1, 2018

Eye of the Beholder

My 2 and a half year old niece, Gracie, likes to come by with "Nana" (my Mom) to visit me at work on Wednesday afternoons before I go home.  There are a variety of objects in my office which she has claimed are now hers.  One is a "Sheep on a stick" sent by my Scottish poet friend, JoAnne McKay's twin boys years ago.  Their names are John and Luke.  After telling her where the sheep had come from, I asked what she'd like to name the sheep.  With a grin she declared, "John Luke!"   With thoughts of Capt. Picard running through my head, I congratulated her on the name.  She now comes in, tells me "Hi", then heads straight for the corner, advising she's going to retrieve John Luke. 

So when she's not drawing on the chalk board (my Center was originally a school and  3 of the rooms have old fashion, green chalkboards in them, the width of the front of the class), she finds new things to enjoy.  Both my niece, and her 18 year old off at college brother were both adopted the day after they were born.  But I think maybe I'm rubbing off on them.   "Nana" took one look at my tissue holder and declared it gross.  Gracie took one look at it and....

and started laughing.
That's why I got it...because it makes me laugh through allergy season.

Then there was the pen. 

It's a silly shape and she immediately latched on to it.  After playing with it for an hour, she promptly burst into tears when I told her she had to leave it at the office.  I wanted to get the "guts" out of it before she played with it again.  As she threw her arms around my neck and sobbed uncontrollably, I simply whispered that John Luke needed company until she got back.  She agreed.  

 In a happy moment...

What I love the most about the imagination of a child is that whatever is fresh in their brain, they apply.  I asked what she was going to "name" the pen (since she's named almost everything in my office).  She smiled and said, "Jesus!"  

Nana shared that at daycare, the kids had learned "Jesus Loves Me" that week.  So Miss Gracie decided it was a good name for her new friend.  

I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a pen from a Weight Loss group that meets at my Center.  Considering how many versions and portraits there are of Jesus, her version made me smile.

Thumbs up, kid.  Keep being creative.


Ponita in Real Life said...

She's adorable! And if a green guy with only 5 hairs on his head can be that upbeat (he sure looks upbeat), he deserves the name of Jesus! xoxo

hope said...

He does have quite the hairdo, huh? :)

savannah said...

She'd make me smile, too! xoxo

hope said...

Sav..she's something else!