Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Good bye my friend

In Oct. 2016, I shared how our old pecan tree, affectionately known as "The Old Gal" had barely survived a hurricane.  With the help of neighbors we got her back upright March 31, 2017.  Read about it here.

This spring, half of her sprung to life.  The right side, which had dug into the ground as if tunneling away from the storm, never did completely heal.  About a month later, Hubby noticed something odd.  Sawdust. Coming out of the tree.  Hubby looked chagrined and said something about wood boring beetles.

I nodded.  And felt slightly queasy.  Yet I, she of hope-springs-eternal, believed the rest of the Old Gal would triumph.  I'll admit to talking to her when I take the dog out or just before getting in my car to go to work.  

Sadly, even hope and TLC can't always save a tree.

Last week, the side with cute green leaves slowly turned brown.  And yep, we found sawdust coming out of the "good" side. She's still tall, but she's no longer proud.

As I sat on the steps last night, the dog wandering around watering the lawn, I'll admit a few tears fell.  After all, I'm the one who always told people, "We bought the tree and the house came with it."  The fact that a buzzard likes to roost on the top branch seems like insult to injury.  So yeah, I yelled at him last night to get the hell out of my tree!  The bird stared at me...the dog stared at me...and I yelled at the bird again until he flew off.  He circled round to come back but I stared at him so hard, he changed his mind.

That's when I saw it.

Hubby told me that at the base of the Old Gal is one of her "children" which has sprung up.  We will dig up that kid and nurture her until time to plant next year.  Yes, right in the same spot.  For now, the Old Gal will be my living lightning rod and will remain standing until at least summer is over.

Hubby said he hopes that some day, 300 years from now, someone looks up at a huge pecan tree out front and wonders where she came from.  In fact, he even said we should put everything in a journal so that someday, when we're dead and gone, whoever lives here will know she put up a good fight....and left a piece of herself behind.  That way, she really can live forever.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Aw, I am so sad the Old Gal didn't survive after all but so glad one of her offspring is going to stand in her stead. xoxoxo

Z said...

Magnificent tree, I'm so sorry.

savannah said...

I'm late to this story, but I'm glad the Old Gal has an offspring that y'all can nurture and plant in her honor! Keep a journal, take some pics and make her story part of yours in your "This Old House" saga! xoxo

hope said...

Thank's y'all. It's sad but life isn't fair. The baby buzzards (3) like to sit in the top. Guess my yelling got to the dog...last night he went out, looked up and barked them out of the tree. :)

maurcheen said...

So sorry to hear about the Old Gal, as I'm sure our mutual tall pal will be. But as Ma used to say "one door closes and another opens." So farewell Old Gal and welcome Young Lass. And I love the journal idea.