Wednesday, February 14, 2018


You know I’m Director of a Senior Citizens recreational Center.  This means from time to time I need to do something “special” to shake things up.  One of those things is our weekly lunch, which I cook.  We always celebrate holidays… as many as we can cram into the calendar.  This year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with Mardi Gras.

Ah, chocolate. Gumbo and beads.  What a combination.

For Mardi Gras, Hubby always makes Gumbo for my group.  I add masks and beads to the table for them to wear.  The two ladies who’ve actually been to Mardi Gras explain why our Lunch is better (meaning quieter and safer) than the real thing.  You know, when you get to a certain age, you do begin to feel like a target for every criminal and pickpocket in a 25 square mile area.  Hubby’s gumbo is always a hit.  Hey, the man can cook.  (I knew what I was doing when I married him).

Now if only my phone was as smart as Hubby.

Yesterday I sent him a “Thank You” text for the gumbo, which was, once again, their favorite lunch so far.

Seconds later he replied, “Okay.  I think you need to read your message.”

Why?  I just sent it, was my immediate thought.  But I reached for my phone to discover this is what IT had sent.

“Your grandma was a hit, as always.  Thank you.”


Maybe my phone needs to soak in a gumbo bath for a while.


Kim Ayres said...

One day, I'll sample gumbo. It's something that crops up in films and blogs, but not on the tables I've ever frequented :)

hope said...

You come to visit and I'll have Hubby make you a pot. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Ha! That's funny!! I love gumbo, and have even made it myself. Okra season is pretty short up here in the north.

savannah said...

We need to have a gumbo cook-off! LOL By the by, try turning off predictive text on your phone! ;) xoxo

hope said...

Ponita, if we every have our non-family, family reunion of bloggers, I will ask Hubby to make a pot. :)

Sav, funny thing was it got the word right two texts before that one. I think my phone just has a weird sense of humor.