Saturday, January 27, 2018

Who's that Girl?

The other day I was working on family tree stuff and stumbled across some photos which made me go....hmmm.  As the first born, there are LOTS of photos of me...some of which I wish didn't exist.  Like the one of the perm from hell when I was about six.   At first I just chalked it up to being 10 times older than that poor curl challenged kid. And yet, getting older doesn't bother me. Honest.  But when I saw this photo I wondered....

where did she go?

Where is that little girl who was thrilled into a rubber faced expression of glee?  Sure, I was only 5.  
But I remember the enthusiasm on that face.  
Even more, I recall that feeling of utter joy.
When did I get so serious?

And this kid.  
Sipping tea at her own personal birthday tea party with neighborhood girls.  
How did she grow up to be someone 
who can't tolerate being in a group of chatty, socializing women? 

About the time I was beginning to wonder how this kid and I could even be related (you should see the frilly dresses, petticoat & hat years!)
I found her.

 This me I can relate to.
This may be the beginning of my sense of humor.
Laughing was fun.  Still is.  
 I still tend to see humor where many people don't...
because they don't take the time to look.
Would you believe I still have that hat and elephant?
His name was Ellie.  Yep.  His.  
Even my imaginary friend was a guy named Gene.

So if I grew up in the days of frilly dresses, manners and never saying anything to hurt anyone's feelings, why did I cling to male role models?

Maybe this is the answer.  
Seems I was the only little girl in the neighborhood for a long time.
(Although this photo makes me look like a zoo animal on exhibit). 
If you only have boys for friends, their species seems the most...normal.

 I grew up diplomatic, lady like, possessing manners and a sense of humor,
yet to this day I'm more comfortable around a group of guys. 
They have less rules.  They tell you how they feel, let you chime in and it's over. Most don't hold grudges.
And fortunately for me, they came from a generation who understood
that NO meant just that.

Thanks guys.
You helped me see the world through a different set of eyes.
Which is a good thing since the world isn't as black and white as these photos.

My urge to giggle when no one else has seen the joke (yet)
is just DNA related.


savannah said...

YOU crack me up and I love it! I know what you mean about being more comfortable in the company of men! I even received the Honorary Dude badge from the guys! ;) xoxo

hope said...

Sav: that's why you and I get along so well...we understand girl rules but Dudes are just easier to hang with. :)

Kim Ayres said...

By contrast, I've nearly always got on better with women than I do with men. Macho behaviour was never something I liked in other guys or wished to emulate. Women I could talk to on a whole range of subjects and emotional levels, rather than just what happened in the latest football game...