Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nurturing the Spark

It happens every year.  I don't even know when it began, but I have an internal tradition each New Year's Eve that I can't shake or outgrow.  Maybe I just don't want to, no matter how silly it seems later on.

Every year as I stare at that ball in Times Square (which has gotten uglier over time), I feel this inner...tingle.  That countdown from 10 to 1, turns the tingle of anticipation into a spark filled with the childhood excitement of Christmas, Birthdays, End of School and Beginning of Summer, all rolled into one. This year I finally figured it out.

That spark within is my moment of hope.

A hope that THIS year will be different in ways which count.  To be kinder.  To smile more and worry less.  To continue the southern girl tradition of putting others first, without guilt from taking time for myself, occasionally. To still believe that it's not too late for the world to get it's act together before Mother Nature puts us in a Time Out of never ending misery, be that cold, wet or burning.

Tomorrow, I go back to work.  I've been off for two weeks and when you're the only person where you work, the first day can be overwhelming.  All my senior folks will be shouting that THEY need my undivided attention FIRST.  It's like herding cats while holding catnip.

So rather than dread it, I found this.  And in 2018, I'm gonna embrace it not as a helpful suggestion, but as nurturing hope.



Ken Armstrong said...

I like the idea of that tingle of excitement. I get it but not as the ball falls. It's usually a week or so later. Like now. I have it now. Here's to a better year - a good year.

Happy year, Hope. x

Kim Ayres said...

Every year, at the end of my diary, I write a year review - a sort of snapshot of how I feel the year went, and what I think of the year to come. I also tend to look at the past ones I've written to see whether my optimism/pessimism for the year to come was accurate or not.
It rarely has been.
All too often my "I think this will be a year for moving forward" has fallen flat on its face, while several "I'm absolutely dreading what's to come" hasn't turned out anything like as bad as I'd feared.
Whatever hidden superpowers I might have, precognition is not one of them...

Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead, Hope, but I'll forgo any predictions :)

savannah said...

I'm just going to try and not wake up and ask, "Is he dead?" The thing I want to take into this new year is to not start my day with a negative thought...or wish...because it does me harm and not him. xoxox

All the best to you, sweetpea!

hope said...

Ken: wishing you and yours a wonderful new year. And maybe your tingle will become another outstanding play. :)

Kim: Yep, I don't do resolutions for that reason. I want to set attainable goals, not something to hang over my head that screams, "Failure!". I think of that moment as my human booster shot: a reminder that I'm not in this life alone and I can make a difference.

Sav: I know. Sigh. Maybe this year things will improve...somehow. Maybe Mother Nature will play a round with him on the golf course. ;)