Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Hope your Christmas was as exciting as 
waiting on someone to open a new bag of dog treats!
May you anticipate and receive a Happy New Year!
(Mom's on vacation...something about only doing what she wants to.)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

For Sav

Hubby has always been a great storyteller...to the point I have to look him in the eye to see if a mischievous twinkle is present, indicating something is afoot.

When we were in college and dating, he worked at a convenience store. I was at his parents’ home one night when he said, “You know the cat that always hangs around out front?”

I nodded.  The cat constantly tried to get inside when it was cold outside and getting him back out took exasperation to a whole new level.
“Well, he got in again.  I was busy with customers and didn’t have time to shoo him out.  Then I forgot about him.  Toward the end of my shift, I went into the cooler to stock beer.  And there he was.  Stiff as a board.”
“Dead?” I asked as Hubby’s Dad sat down next to me.
 “I wasn’t sure.  So I took a rag, put some gas on it and held it under his nose.  To see if he’d come to.”
“Did he?” I asked, almost feeling sorry for the little trouble maker.
“Boy did he!” Hubby exclaimed, his hands pantomiming the cat’s every move. “Second pass under his nose with that rag and he jumped straight up in the air.  Then he started running through the store like he was on fire, knocking stuff off the shelves.  I don’t know how many times he zigzagged past me while I tried to catch him.  Then all of a sudden, he just stopped in his tracks and keeled over.”
 “Dead?” I whispered, as his Dad leaned forward.
 “No,” Hubby replied calmly.  “He just ran out of gas.”
Hubby’s Dad slapped himself in the forehead and yelled, “I don’t believe it!”  Seeing the look on my face, he added, “He told me this story last week and I just fell for it again!”
 Which is how I learned to look for that twinkle in someone’s eye.