Wednesday, November 8, 2017

For Sav

For years you've made me smile with grandbaby pictures when the world was evil or just plain mean.  Thank you.

For a while, my family requested that  photos of the latest addition not be shared, until all the adoption stuff was ironed out.  Whatever it was they worried about originally is no longer a problem.  The fact they have two adopted children 16 years APART in age might be one in the future.  :)

I post this because Gracie (20 months) seems to have the same expression as the bear: he use to live in my office, but he went home with her. Hope this one makes you smile.  :)



Ponita in Real Life said...

Gracie and the bear are also the same size!! What a sweet thing that your family adopted another child when their first is already a teenager. xoxo

savannah said...

SISTER HOPE!!! We've held each other up during difficult times, sugar, but I'm glad our grandbabies made you smile! Baby Gracie and her bear are adorable!!! these babies, these children (we have a 16 year old, too, "The Kid") are the future and every time I look at them I smile with confidence that we're going to be fine! xoxox

hope said...

Ponita: I know, they really are! She likes coming to my office to see what kind of "babies" I have. She left last week with 2 of my holiday decorations; small Ziggy dolls dressed like pilgrims - One said, "Happy Turkey Day!" the other said, "I love thee." :) I did tease my brother last year when I got Gracie a t-shirt that said, "My Dad says I can't date until I'm 30!" When he smiled, I added, "I got that for you. Because when she's 30, you'll be 80!" I'm the oldest, he's the baby and we have the same weird sense of humor.

Sav: yep, those smiling faces always give my hope a boost. She was smiling in another photo but wiggling too, so it wasn't Kim Ayres quality. :) What you can't see is that the feet of the bear say "Hug" and "Me". She about squeezed him to death. So different from the first one, who'll be 18 this month! (How is that possible...he was just 5).