Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Enjoy your Turkey Day

I'm home with some kind of cold and pulled chest muscle combo.  (When I mess up, I do it big time).   Between the coughing and that HUGE pot of soup I had to lift for work Tuesday onto a stove top UP and exceeding my height abilities, I've had better days.  :)  ( I know, I made the pot of soup and I should've stopped adding ingredients, but it was good).

So I've avoided the news today as much as possible so it doesn't take away the breath I do have.  (Although I do know David Cassidy perhaps can now R.I.P.)

So here's to all of y'all, hoping you have a day filled with happiness and just the right amount of food!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

For Sav

For years you've made me smile with grandbaby pictures when the world was evil or just plain mean.  Thank you.

For a while, my family requested that  photos of the latest addition not be shared, until all the adoption stuff was ironed out.  Whatever it was they worried about originally is no longer a problem.  The fact they have two adopted children 16 years APART in age might be one in the future.  :)

I post this because Gracie (20 months) seems to have the same expression as the bear: he use to live in my office, but he went home with her. Hope this one makes you smile.  :)