Saturday, October 28, 2017

Calendar Madness...and a giggle

It's been an exhausting few weeks getting the calendar for our non-profit charity ready.  Oh, creating it was fun!  Chasing after Board Members to keep reminding them I didn't have ad copy (or payment for such!) was the tiring part.  We use a fantastic company in Louisiana, Fox Printing, allowing me to do everything online.  All was well: I'd downloaded the calendar, proofed everything and it was headed to print.  Then I went through my invoices to make sure I had one for everyone...which is when I made a horrifying discovery.

I'd left out a $350 ad!  What made it worse was this guy was a repeat customer for the calendar and one of the first to get everything to me.

Trying not to panic, I sent an e-mail, asking if I could redo just one page, at the end.  Two minutes later the phone rang and my rep Melissa was telling me to take a deep breath, we'd get it fixed.  I jokingly told her I'd always wanted to yell, "Stop the presses!" but not like this.  We got it fixed, putting delivery just one day off.  (Yeah, I'm paying for my mistake.  Delivery would've been yesterday but since it's delivery until Monday).

In the meantime, while I was waiting for the Guys to get their stuff together (I should point out that Hubby had his completed...then again he has me to,  remind him) I worked on the annual Shop Calendar for Hubby.  This started years ago when we had our first Chocolate Lab, Smoke.  It began with a hunting theme but over the years has morphed into whatever happens during the year to spark my creativity.  I must say, Kim Ayres, I know how it must feel to have a subject like me who hates being photographed: Smoke would see the camera, sigh and slink away.  Hubby still has the calendars in the Shop and his long time customers often ask to peruse through them. There's about 17 years worth, with the addition of Boudreaux and now one starring Bourbon.

Ah Bourbon.  Hubby calls him our problem child, while I prefer the phrase, "all boy".  Hubby will proclaim him stupid, I insist he's just stubborn. Last night proved my point.  Bourbon has been wearing a shock collar (I know, I didn't like the idea either but on a scale of 1 to a high of 7, it's on 1).  He's only gotten zapped three times in two weeks, now preferring to stop what he's doing after the warning vibration.  B. usually just wears it in the Shop but last night Hubby left it on to teach him a lesson about stealing my pillow off the couch.  He actually perches like a vulture, waiting for me to forget to move it, then he snatches it and runs off.  Twice I walked away and he did nothing.  Scott took the collar off. Fifteen minutes later I forgot and Houdini snatched the pillow.  And yet, when Hubby and I both said, "No!" at the same time, he dropped it in my hand.

I tell you all this to explain this year's calendar theme.  And yes, although I downloaded both calendars the same day, Hubby's is already back and hidden until Christmas.

The original artwork:

The cover for 2018:
(No, you're not imagining things.  I came back and updated to the final cover). 

I'll let you know if this year's theme is a hit or not.  I'm guessing many giggles will ensue.

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