Thursday, July 6, 2017

Savannah! I need....

...a break from man babies and cry babies and things that go, "You're wrong!  Very, very wrong!".

I respectfully request some photos of grandbabies.  Okay, so they're not "babies" anymore but they're cute and sweet and cuddly...well, my eyes view them as cuddly.   And they make me smile.

I could use a smile.  Do you have a cup of smiles I could borrow, sister?   

Thanking you in advance.  

P.S. Here's a giggle for you.  My mother-in-law just called.  She said her sister, who lives in Wisconsin was worried....because her husband is cold and walking around in a sweater because it's windy and 75 DEGREES!


Grandbabies.  Yep.  I need a dose of grandbabies.


savannah said...

YIKES! Just saw your post!! Come on over, sister hope! xoxox

Kim Ayres said...

In case you missed it:

hope said...


And yes Kim, I came by and smiled over your newest edition as well. Y'all are the best.