Sunday, June 25, 2017

On Vacation...away from my desk

Well, the first week of "Staycation" it's rained the whole time, 
so all my "outdoor" plans have gone away.  
However, I do have a second week.  
In the meantime, 
I'm trying to not overdo on news/politics/opinionated people.  :) 

Have a good week y'all!


savannah said...

Vacation time! HUZZAH!! it's raining here, too. xoxoxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

I was on staycation last week also. And the weather was pretty crappy for the most part also... cool, windy and rainy. Pretty bad when it was supposed to be summer and the high was 12C (~54F). It's warmed up a bit here. Hopefully your weather improves! Enjoy you second week off. xoxo

maurcheen said...

Raining here too! (No!)

Off Facebook for the moment.