Friday, June 30, 2017

Okay, this photo is not Kim Ayres quality but it was (a) taken with a cell phone, (b) after I got caught in a downpour, and was (c) soaking wet and a little cold.

But this was too cool not to share.

Prior to the storm's arrival, I had to go to the Post Office.  It was my third trip this week and they've been teasing me about spending my vacation with them. My transaction was quick but our local Clerk challenged my head shake to the question,"Do you need any stamps, mailing labels or insurance forms?"  For the record he's usually at the front desk when I bring in packages to mail for our charity.  I've taken the time to fill out the survey on the receipt a couple of times and always praise him, by name.  I've noticed lately that if a different clerk sees me coming in with one of those charity mailings, they've gotten increasingly nice.  :)

"You don't want to miss this," he insisted, reaching into the drawer for a sheet of stamps.  "We won't have them long."

Why would I, the non-stamp collector, be interested when I didn't need stamps?  Well, it's not often that simple postage stamps turn into...mood rings.

Made to commemorate the upcoming Total Eclipse Aug. 21st, these stamps are jet black...until you touch them and they get warm.  You can see by the (crappy) photo that I've touched the one in the bottom left hand corner.

For once, going to the Post Office was a cool experience.  If only I'd gotten back to the car before the sun disappeared and the bottom dropped out.



maurcheen said...

Now that IS cool.
Have a lovely weekend my dear friend.



hope said...

Guess I need to mail you something. :)

savannah said...

there are so many cool stamps out right now! thanks for the tip off about these!! xoxox