Friday, April 21, 2017

What the...?!

Yes, I posted this in the bathrooms at the Sr. Center because sometimes, it is more tactful to preach to the choir.  Truth is, only one gentleman refuses to flush...and it's not pretty.

Well, the sign worked (for him) for one week.  Now we're back to me wanting to wring his neck because he's an adult, not a child who can't reach the handle.  The man doesn't have any physical ailments (or mental ones, unless you count an attitude) so short of walking up to him and asking if he has a phobia of toilet handles, I'm at a loss.

Suggestions?  Hubby had a couple but I'm not brave (or angry enough) yet to try them.

Otherwise, have a wonderful, stress free weekend!

1 comment:

Kim Ayres said...

Perhaps a sign saying "if you won't flush, please be so kind as to scoop out any contents you leave and place them in the bin provided" ;)