Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not Much To Say....or Report

As the world gets louder (and often ruder) I find myself getting quieter.  It's as if the sound of silence is a vacation from reality.

So, in no particular order:

Hubby survived his birthday, in spite of shaking his head and mumbling, "60? 60! 60?!"

Bourbon the Enthusiastic now weighs in at 71+ pounds at not quite 7 months old.  Still mischievous, prone to take stuff not belonging to him and quick on his feet.  Oh but when he curls up on the couch next to me for a puppy nap, it's all easy to forgive.

Pollen 99.....hope 1 (and itchy).  Spring like weather all week, now cold front with rain/possible snow visiting on Sunday.  As if that stupid Daylight Saving Time "spring forward" wasn't enough.

Heard a radio program concerning Lent and 2 college students: one Catholic, one Jewish.  While having the concept of giving something up for Lent explained to him, the Jewish roomie stated he didn't believe his Catholic friend was actually really giving up anything he cherished.  So Roommate C. allowed Roommate J. to chose what was to be given up.  Year one, J chose "oregano" and C. laughed.  Until he remember that he loved Italian food and Pizza.  Not only did they follow this routine for 4 years of college, 25 years later, J. still calls C. to advise what he needs to give up.  It's always so seemingly innocent until the bigger picture is seen: yeast (no beer/bread), corn syrup (goodbye sodas), sugar.....  C. and J. are not only good friends, they learned from one another about what's important in life.  C. claimed the only thing he wouldn't give J.

Remember our huge pecan tree, the Old Gal?  Hope springs eternal at our house and progress was made in sinking deep anchors into the ground today in hopes of pulling 3 trees back upright.  All are alive...and buds are trying to push out.  Just have to weed out the procrastinating, well meaning folks and find more like the guy this morning who said he'd be here and he was.

Hope you have a Happy Weekend in your neck of the woods.



Winifred said...

That was a delightful post. Thank you. Loved the Lenten story & your hope for the trees.

Anonymous said...
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hope said...

Thanks Winifred.

And yes, I deleted the ranting nut who hates American women because you folks don't deserve to have to read the ramblings of trolls. :)

maurcheen said...

That nut is still at it??!
I hope yer weekend was nice.
It's Paddy's Day on Friday so I might have a pint or two. Shall I have one for you too? :)


hope said...

maurcheen: yep, he still crops up from time to time. Sadly, I was under the weather but am doing better, if we don't count the pollen.

PLEASE, in honor of the Irish portion of my DNA, kindly lift a pint with Paul the Plumber and enjoy it on my behalf. ;)

Ponita in Real Life said...

I thought I had put a comment here... but perhaps not! Sometimes meno brain gets the better of me.

Happy (now rather belated) Birthday to Hubby! I so hope you can resurrect those trees. Wouldn't that be glorious?