Thursday, January 5, 2017

I'm Still Here...somewhere

First, Happy New Year...a little late.  
You see, I'm on vacation.  

I did suggest this year, 
since neither of us needed any new toys and the Puppy has plenty, 
that instead of Christmas gifts for each other, 
we go ahead and replace our 20 year old carpet with vinyl flooring.  
That means the Dining Room and Hall get a facelift and
my sinuses will not miss having carpet.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

After moving two rooms of furniture into "other" places in the house, 
Hubby and I pulled up the carpet and padding...
and made the requisite trip to the dump. 
Then while he pried those danged spiked carpet strips up,
I sat on the floor removing staples from what appears to be 1930s linoleum.

That was week one.

Today, after waiting for 4 days, the Flooring guys are here.  
So currently there are pieces of furniture stacked all over the house,
including all the contents of a china hutch, pie safe, and 2 bookcases. 
I'm "secluded" in my office because I have no access 
to the "middle" of my house...
if I want something from the kitchen, it's out the front door, 
around the house to the kitchen door.  Then repeat.

I'll share the photos when we're done.
Because Mr. Fix-it Hubby has decided that WE will 
do the molding trim work instead of the flooring guys.
That means I'll have just enough vacation left to
get the furniture and it's contents back in place 
before I return to work on Jan. 9th.

That is if Ponita keeps the door shut in Canada.
It's been like Spring here all week but Friday, a cold
front approaches with a chance of snow.

I don't know about you
but Mother Nature has been a little grumpy lately.
After a 1000 year flood in 2015 and 2 hurricanes in 2016,
I'm not sure I want any "snow flurries".....
she's liable to bury us in 3 feet of snow.
Remember, this is the South.
3 inches of snow can bring us to an abrupt halt.

Thinking good thoughts....
and sending them your way.


savannah said...

crazy times here in the south, right? i'm looking at some minor repairs that need to be done around here and all i can think of is "uh, no, not today!" glad y'all are getting something done! *looking out the window at a pile of branches STILL* xoxxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

All the doors up here where I am are shut tight... to keep the cold out!!

I hear ya on the renos and the amount of time things take. My house is a work in progress. Can't wait to see the "after" photos! xoxoxo

hope said...

Sav: The Old Gal and her 2 kids are still lying down outside, napping. More chores than hours in a day!

Ponita: oh, I thought of you immediately when it came to "Reno Wars". :) I'll post pics if I ever get the house straight again.

Kim Ayres said...

It's after midnight here in Scotland so...
Happy Birthday Hope​!
Hope you have a great day :)

hope said...

Thank you Kim! I have the coolest friends on the planet.