Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Gone...just kinda tired

Yep.  He's cute. 
And curious.  
And has a set of teeth on him that would make Dracula proud.
As the official blood donor and preferred chew toy, 
I'll be glad when the puppy teeth fall out!

Having a puppy again is like having a baby around:
the world revolves around his schedule as we try to teach him
the basics of "Sit", "Shake", "Stay" (yeah, right) along with a healthy dose of, "Hey, that's MY shoe...give it back!"

When he was 9 weeks old he weighed 18 pounds.
At his 12 week visit: 26 pounds.
Yesterday: 15 weeks....37 pounds.
And he's all muscle.
(And teeth).

 But he's also a lot of fun.
And on the two nights we actually had cold weather,
he snuggled up next to me on the couch and kept me warm.
My feet...and my heart.

So I'm here.
But Bourbon believes he is the center of the universe
and the computer isn't something he can chew
so he drags me away.

I'll be back.
He has to sleep sometime...right?