Saturday, September 3, 2016

She Wasn't A Lady

Sav and I had the misfortune of being visited by one Ms. Hermine, she of the hurricane family with no manners.  I know Sav asked her to leave Georgia by way of the sea, but Ms. H. decided wandering up the coast to South Carolina was more to her liking.  I'm not sure of our rain totals yet, but it's 5-7 inches.  I work in local government and THEY were worried enough to send us home at Noon on Friday.  Which was good...the driveway at work was flooding and beginning to look like a lake.
Bottom line: lots of limbs to pick up and a chunk of roof to repair.  Like I told Sav, you never comprehend the sheer power of wind until you have to PULL an embedded shingle corner out of the ground.  She might've spared the Old Gal out front (150 year old pecan tree) from splitting in half, but she lost a lot of limbs and a TON of pecans which were still green.  You know what's fun?  Trying to pick up limbs while your feet slip and slide over small golf ball size pecans, still in their green husk.  We picked up for an hour this morning before Hubby had to go to work and a-l-m-o-s-t got all the limbs up under the Old Gal.  She has three children and her cousins, the Paper Birches, got in on the act as well.  Only total tree loss wasn't on our property but on the bordering field: China Berry uprooted and fell in front of the trailer I'd suggested we hook up to the 4 Wheeler to aid in gathering limbs.  Oh well.
Good news is we're fine.  Interesting news is we get to meet a new friend in the next day or so: the Insurance Claims Adjuster.  I'm hoping he's friendly because we've never filed a claim in the 19 years we've been here.
Hope everyone has a relaxed Labor Day weekend.  
 Just for perspective, Hubby is 6 feet tall.  
The pile is growing steadily: the tree which uprooted itself is in the background.  
That "dead" tree on the left?  
It was ONE branch off the Old Gal from a storm a couple of weeks ago....
a single limb the size of most trees.


savannah said...

HOLY MOLEY!! I'm glad that "branch" missed your house, sister! I hope your insurance adjuster is local and understands what no claims in 19 years mean when you live down here!! Good Luck! xoxox

hope said...

Ah, the insurance adjuster is now on my $*@! list. They said it would be 1-2 days before he contacted us...which he did and set up an appointment for NEXT Monday. We have roof damage and if it rains, we'll have a problem. He told us to put up a tarp. Um, that spot has three connections and Hubby has a bad hip. He said if we did anything else, they wouldn't pay. Understandable but he was SNIPPY about it. I took pictures yesterday. Hubby's not happy but is trying to get someone up there now. I will play nice. :)

hope said...

UPDATE: Hubby and pal did patch the roof back up, as there is a chance of rain before next Monday. Insurance Adjuster called late yesterday to schedule appointment for today. Once he could see the roof, he agreed the tarp thing would never have worked. They're paying for a roof, minus deductible. Granted it's for a shingled roof and we're leaning toward metal, but every little bit helps.