Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm Positive. Okay, I'm Trying

Like most little girls, I wasn't a fan of the "Three Stooges".  But Baby Bro was and even six year old boys need their television fix.  Back then there were basically 4 channels to chose from and we had to wait our turn to choose.  I recall thinking the Stooges were the dumbest group of adults I'd ever witnessed and wondered why anyone thought slapstick was funny.  And yet, one of their stupid routines got stuck in a corner of my brain.  To this day if someone says, "I'm positive" I hear this in my head:

                         Moe: "Are you sure about that?"
                         Curly: "I'm positive."
                         Moe: "Only fools are positive."
                         Curly: "Are you sure?"
                         Moe: "I'm positive.


That makes me think the only thing I'm positive of today...might change tomorrow.  I'd be foolish to live in my own little world and not see the big picture.  How it effects all of us.  Oh, I'm not talking about changing my core values: I'll still live by the Golden Rule and take the high road, even if it gets lonely up there from time to time.  But change can be a good thing. (Unless you work with Senior Citizens like I do and they HATE change).

Right now, this country of mine could use a positive change.  There's too much anger, ranting and raving...and by the way, if everyone's yelling, who's listening?  We need to embrace that kindergarten rule of taking turns when we speak.  That archaic social method of communicating called "conversation".  And no, I don't need to go first.  But I'd appreciate the chance to finish my thought...and have someone acknowledge it with more than a cursory, "You're wrong!  Next!"

Here's the thing.  For better or worse, we're all in this together.  Why not make it for better?  

I took this on my way home last week and it made me think: We need to learn to weather the storm together...not in boats of separate colors. Listen. Learn. Love.

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maurcheen said...

Yes, we're all in this together, and wouldn't for better be, we'll, better?!
I was once an intensely shy person, afraid to speak in company. It's how I learned to be a listener.
Hope you are still making them yummy pecan pies. :)