Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Here We Go Again or "Water World, Part II"

Her name is Julia.  So far she's just a soggy Tropical Storm.  Hopefully she doesn't get huffy.  After all, we're already waiting on a contractor to put on a new roof since her sassy sister Hurricane Hermine tried to keep part of our home as a souvenir on her tour of the South.  The contractor penciled us in for the last of the month.  Why?  We're #9 in line. 

In the meantime, Sav and I are in those lovely zones where Julia might share so much rain, we flood.  Again.  I'm thinking maybe I ought to invest in one of these.   

UPDATE: Well, Miss Julia fell apart.  She wandered out to sea, wandered back our way, then got confused and had a nervous breakdown.   May this clip art scared her.  :) 


Ponita in Real Life said...

Here's hoping she fizzles out and moves waaaaayyyy off shore! You sure don't need any more of what Hermine tossed at you. My fingers are crossed for you. xoxo

savannah said...

We lucked out here! Hope it was the same for you up there, Sister Hope!

hope said...

Yep Sav...she got disorganized, went out to sea, wandered toward us and fell apart. Yay!