Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sometimes Life Sucks

Today was hard.  

This morning we had to put our buddy Boudreaux to sleep.  Which accounts for the headline.

If you're not a dog or pet person, kindly walk away in silence.  I won't be responsible for what I say to the first person who offers, "Hey, it was just a dog."

Nope, he was my buddy and Hubby's work partner.  And today we are hurting.

Bou was almost 12 and a half years old...which is old for a Lab as big as he was.  But he'd started having "spells" recently, where he would stumble, then fall over.  It would take an hour to recover, but then he'd be fine for a couple of weeks.  This morning was different. And we knew when we left the house for the Vet how the story would probably end.  Worst was a "sub" Vet, as ours was on vacation in Florida.  I bet his staff called him to share the news.  He felt bad when we called last night and he couldn't help us out.

We did the right thing.  I hate suffering.  But the tears are hard.  And they'll be with us for a little while.  We had Bou and his Dad Smokey for a long time....between the two of them, there's been a chocolate lab grinning at us and wanting to go on rides for 17 years.

So if I'm quiet for a while, it's okay.  Everyone adjusts their own way.  On their own time.  Thanks for just being there and listening.


Ponita in Real Life said...

It is so hard to lose them, no matter what their age or the circumstance. You did right by Bou, and although he is not physically with you anymore, he will always be in your heart, with his dad Smokey by his side. Much love to you both. xoxo

hope said...

Thanks Ponita...I knew you'd understand. Bou is on my mouse pad at work and someone asked if I was going to get rid of it. Nope. It's like having him around...even in spirit. Besides, it says, "All you need is love...and a dog" with 3 photos of him. Right now, it's kinda comforting.