Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's hotter than hell here and I'm not talking about politics.  (I will NOT be discussing politics today).  This morning began oddly, in a rather depressing way.  This hot weather has half my head and one ear clogged up: happens when I go from hot to cold and back again.   I haven't even read the news yet.  I'm almost afraid to.

This morning I turned on the water in the tub, got in and the water....quit.  It happened the other day to Hubby when he was in the shower, but he said after a few minutes it came back to life.  Living in the country with a pump and well, you're use to the occasional hiccup.  This morning, the water didn't come back on.  I didn't want to wake Hubby, as he has a horrible ear infection, is on antibiotics and not sleeping well.  Then again, I didn't want to be the reason the pump burned up if this was something else.  I dried off, got dressed and checked the breakers.  Nothing flipped.  But something was wrong.  So I tiptoed into the bedroom, stood near the bed and quietly called his name.  That only startled him awake.  I'm glad he didn't come out reflexively swinging.  He drug himself out of bed, went outside, checked the pump and went into his shop for tools.  I came outside to see if I could help.  He was shaking his head.  

Yep, the pump had kicked back on.  He put in a call to his friend the plumber to make it work.  A man with an ear infection doesn't need to stand on his head to fix a pump.

I got to work and was told a co-worker's wife had dropped dead at work yesterday.  She didn't feel good, went to the restroom, came out having trouble breathing and was soon gone.  Although I didn't know her well, we went to school together.  She's only 2 years older than I am.  

Another co-worker came by and asked me if I'd heard a local restaurant had caught on fire.  The same one Hubby and I were talking about Sunday, musing if we should wait another day because Sunday was a country buffet.  Odd for a seafood restaurant, but probably smart business wise.  He suggested we go eat there on our anniversary this year, which is next month.  It's where we went to eat the night he proposed to me.

I just checked a newspaper.  The restaurant burned to the ground.

Sort of in a "three strikes and you're out" mood, I jumped when the sound for a text rang out on my phone.  It was my brother.  The one who rarely answers texts and only contacts you if necessary.  I took a deep breath.  I realized I was wincing as I opened the text.

"It's official!  And heeeeere we go again.  lol."

Attached was a photo of him, his wife, my nephew...and the baby girl they've been working to adopt.  They took her home when she was 3 days old under an agreement with the mother.  When they'd adopted my nephew, he'd been one day old.  This year he turns 17.  Now, after the usual legal mumbo jumbo, the almost 5 month old "Elizabeth Grace" is now a part of our family.

I am the oldest.  My brother is the youngest.  We have an 8 year age difference.  There's now a 16 year age difference between my niece and nephew.  Fortunately, bro and I have the same sense of humor... and hope.  You see, my brother turned 50 in May.  Even after doing the math, they decided that baby deserved the life they can provide for her.  Lucky baby.  

Last week I bought a t-shirt for the baby for Christmas.  She won't be able to use it for another year or so, size wise, but the sentiment was too funny to pass up.  It reads, "My Daddy says I can't date until I'm 30."

Okay, so I didn't buy it for her so much as to pick on my brother.  When she is 30, he'll be 80.  That's funny.

Welcome to the family, Gracie!  You were the spot of joy this day needed.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Holy moly, what a day!! I'm so glad you finally had something good to smile about. Congratulations to your brother and his family with the addition of Gracie, and how lovely that they decided to adopt her.

hope said...

It got odder. Hubby had said he was just dragging...when I got home, he admitted to passing a kidney stone. Yikes!

Today is better. We have a new water pump (bought by Hubby, installed by the plumber)
and I hope to have a photo to post of Gracie soon... due to the adoption, we were asked not to until it was official. Thanks for being a good listener. :)