Wednesday, May 4, 2016

When You Wish...

As my ol' pal Opus is clearly stating, 
sometimes you just need to sit in the weeds and make a few wishes.  

One wish has come true: a very busy annual work event is OVER!
(This was the 24th one I've participated in and sadly, it was the worst ever).

Online fundraiser is over.
Wish the so-so results had been better.
But something is always better than nothing.

Unless you're talking U.S. politics.

I wish America would come to its collective senses.
I get it America.
You're mad and you're not going to take it anymore!
Yet kindly take a good hard look at your current of choice
and remember we're stuck with that circus for the next 4 years. 
And no, Canada has been a GREAT neighbor.
We shouldn't be bothering them about extended, 4 year vacations.

My current wish is that my vacation at the end of the month gets here soon!

Next wish is yours.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Ah yes, the states of the Union, eh? We up here above the 49th having been watching with growing horror at that circus and it is SCARY!!

That being said, I hope things will slow down for you a bit now. And I have vacation at the end of the month too!!

maurcheen said...

Enjoy the break missus!
(Waves at Pon!!)

maurcheen said...
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hope said...

Ponita: I can only hope that the "silent majority" are the ones with common sense to get us out of this potential presidential mess. I've never been so dismayed by an upcoming election. I plan to stay away from the media on my vacation. :)

maurcheen: Thanks! Got that song out of your head yet? (Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...)

bill lisleman said...

sometimes you just need to sit in the weeds and make a few wishes. - great line of thought.

maurcheen said...

Well I HAD!!! :/


maurcheen said...

Well I HAD!!! :/


hope said...

Bill: I consider dandelions wishes on a stick, not weeds...even if some gardeners are horrified at the thought that I let them wander freely in our country lawn.

maurcheen: okay, so sing us another earworm. :)