Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm Here

Been busy, like most folks.  In need of a nap.  Spent some time writing...for fun.  No direction except entertaining myself.  Sometimes that's enough.

Glad that yesterday's torrential rains have been replaced by sunshine. Seems all that cold and damp now makes my shoulder ache.  Getting older is definitely not for sissies.  But that sunshine seems like a good start to the weekend.

Have fun y'all!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Glad you have sunshine after the rain. And yes, I hear you on the cold causing aches, although, from experience, it is a combo of cold and damp that is the worst. I will take my cold dry winters over cool damp weather any day... much less aching going on!

Glad to see you are having a nice weekend... and that you are back in the Ether! Hope the computer thing is all sorted and running as it should be. :-) xoxo

hope said...

Ponita: thanks for kind words (and confirming my suspicions about weather and aches). Use to be only my head pounded when the barometric pressure dropped. :) Seems I spoke too's starting to rain again, with thoughts it might turn to sleet or even an inch of snow. I know, no big deal. But you don't live in the South...that white stuff makes drivers brain dead. :)