Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thank You Thursday

Thank You Thursday salutes my maternal Granddaddy: Hubert Howell. 

He lived in another state and I didn't see him often, but he crafted the most beautiful wooden creations. He made the doll cradle and chair in this photo for me, when I was three. It was October and he'd just finished them when he began to feel ill, yet insisted we receive these gifts at Christmas, no matter what. He died the next day. He was such a craftsman that I STILL have both of them, (plus the elephant in the cradle). 

The spinning spice rack he made for Mom is in my kitchen at work and I use it daily. Guess sentimental is in my DNA.


maurcheen said...

Sentimental is good. Good on ye Hubert. 😀

maurcheen said...
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