Monday, December 21, 2015

"Mature" Elves Aren't Scary

I was trying to explain to Hubby the other night the phenomenon known as "Elf on the Shelf".   Remember, (a) we never had kids and (b) he's a guy...this isn't big on his species' Top 10 List of "Things You Need To Know About Christmas".  

He listened thoughtfully, then pointed to a book case which houses more than one Elf and said, "But ours aren't creepy."

Nope, they're not.  They're part of our childhood.  And that makes them fun.

I received my first Elf as a kid from my Aunt. (The one I took care of at the nursing home).  Every year at Christmas Whitman's Chocolates came out with small boxes of candy and one of these guys...

I'm not sure how many of these we actually received over the years.
I just know when I got married, 3 of them came to live with me
while the rest elected to stay at Mom's house.

 When I first put them out, Hubby grinned.
A couple of years into married life, 
my Mom-in-law said she had something from Hubby's childhood 
but she wasn't sure if I wanted them.  

One look and I was hooked!
I'm wondering if my enthusiastic gratitude worried her.

Yep, Hubby had Elves too!
But his were slightly different.
These guys have bendable legs and came with musical instruments.  

Okay, so one of them was a little creepy.
There's something a little off about his expression.
(I call him "Creepy Clown Elf" and I have no idea why.. I don't hate clowns).

There was even a little Scottish Elf, 
complete with Tam o'shanter and tartan pants.

 No matter how you feel about Elf on the Shelf,
I love my little guys, 
with their storybook faced innocence and bell topped caps.

It's just not Christmas until they come out to watch over the tree.

NOTE: Yes, there are some "unusual" things on those shelves with the elves.
It's an antique book cabinet....filled with....antique things, 
many of which belonged to our grandparents and their generation.

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