Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thank You Thursday

Thank You Thursday salutes Mr.Know-it-all, affectionately known to other bloggers as the G-man.  He hosted a fun word play event called “Flash Fiction Friday”, in which we all had to submit stories which were no more than 55 words in length.  We began to refer to it as “Friday 55” and at one point it grew to almost 100 participants.  I remember quitting after a year…which lasted about a month and the bug bit me again.  I even compiled some of my favorite stories, (the kind you’re proud of and wonder where the heck they came from), and self-published a little book.  The G-man was like a proud parent when I told him.

And while I enjoyed creating those stories, usually out of thin air the night before, with the addition of our charity, my plate grew too full.  Reluctantly, I  let my Friday 55 go. 

But with Veteran’s Day coming up, I wanted to touch base with the G-man again, to let him know how one of my blog posts had come full circle.  It was a story I wrote years ago called, “The Bracelet”, about the MIA bracelet I wore as a kid during the Vietnam War.  That story, and the journey of how I was able to gift the bracelet to that Captain’s son, turned into another small book.  I just knew the G-man would be tickled pink to know that although my posts were infrequent, they still lived on.  And I still wondered about him.

So this morning I tracked down his blog, “Mr. Know-it-all”.  I always wondered if that title had anything to do with his position as an excellent car salesman.  Anyway, the most recent post was entitled, “Goodbye G-man”.


To my horror, I discovered this man who had aided in making me a better writer, had passed away on Dec. 9, 2014.  How could I not know that?  How could I have stayed away so long?  I read through 50 comments to discover he’d died of a heart attack at the car dealership.  I backed up a couple of posts and discovered on Nov. 20th he’d decided the time had come to let someone else run the Friday 55 playground.  He bemoaned that he’d miss it, but might even return in the winter.  He ended that post referencing another blogger who had a “Gratitude Quill”, where people were free to leave notes of what they are really thankful for.

Oh, the irony of finding that today.

So G-man, wherever you are, I’m sure you’re large and in charge of some corner of the universe where people laugh and love…even those they’ve never met.  And I think you'd get a kick out of being my 999th Blog post.  

Thanks for bringing a sparkle and a wink to my world.


savannah said...

It's a real kick-in-the-pants finding out that someone you were so close to in Blogville has passed without your knowing. This community we've formed is like that with our friendships so far and really so very near to our hearts. *hugs* I am sorry for your loss, Sister Hope. xoxoxoxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

Aw. I'm sorry for the loss of your bloggger friend, Hope. Sometimes it is too easy to lose track of those we only know through this ephemeral medium. I hope perhaps you will continue to occasionally write those little stories, keeping his memory and efforts alive. Big hugs, my friend. xoxoxo

hope said...

Thanks ladies! You could've knocked me over with a feather when I made that discovery. (And I apologize for the weird format, which I'm going to try and fix).

I think I keep coming back because Blog World is one of the few places to share, without being interrupted. :)

maurcheen said...

So sad. Xx

maurcheen said...

So sad. Xx

Thom Robinson said...

OMG. I remember how wonderful that blog was. G-man sparked a creative part of my brain I never knew I had. Rest in peace G-man. Hope mahalo. That was such a terrific part of being a blogger back in the days.

hope said...

maurcheen: so many of my "Blog family" have given up their blogs. (Like some Big Guy I recall). :) Although I've managed to stay in touch with some of them, some have simply moved on. I know that's life...but it's still a little sad.

Thom: I know what you mean. Last time I'd checked in (obviously over a year ago) G-man was talking about letting someone else handle the Friday 55 duties. I never stuck around long enough to find out who.