Tuesday, October 6, 2015

S.C. Flood waters close to home...real close

 I'll preface this with: all photos taken with Hubby's cell phone camera.

The water in our neighbor's pond went over the dam, around the dam and across the field...

Where it rushed across the road like a raging river...sounded like rapids!

Creating this mess.
This is the road behind our house which I normally take to work. 
(Fortunately we're on a hill and stayed high and dry...
as did Hubby's Archery Shop).

The next morning....

Yesterday afternoon not only was water still rushing across what was left of the road, it was churning through the woods in about 3 raging rivers.

Even washed these little guys right out of the pond.

So after about 10 days of grey skies and torrential rain of biblical proportions, today looks like this.  
Feeling thankful.

Don't remember the last time the grass was this green...
we've been in severe drought conditions all summer.

Currently our small county is, as our Sheriff noted, "Like an island.  We're cut off due to major roads washed out or bridges out.  We're not going anywhere fast."
So while we're okay, unfortunately rural country roads aren't high on the repair list.  Little by little they'll get to all of them...
and maybe I'll get back to work soon.
Weird vacation.
Hope your week is sunny.

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