Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thank You Thursday salutes....

Will Rogers 

No need to say more.
He pretty much summed it up.


Ponita in Real Life said...

I hear ya on that! At least we have finally ousted our dictatorial prime sinister Harper and have voted in the rather young and trendy Trudeau. We do, however, have a few ongoing court cases involving some of our appointed senators so we'll see where that goes.

You have a ways to go for your next election. I don't know how you can stand the long drawn-out process. Our 78 day campaign just about drove me batty!!

hope said...

I HATE our political process! If it was up to me, candidates would all be given five free, 60 second commercials two months prior the election. I'd let them debate a couple of times prior to that. Otherwise...the waste of money and non-stop finger pointing keeps people from voting.

Glad you have a that the Trudeau of my childhood's son?