Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sick...Courtesy of Stupid People

Dear Stupid People:

Yes, I'm talking to the idiot and his wife who came into Hubby's Shop and coughed/sneezed all over him for an hour or two last week.  Thanks to your ignorance in not comprehending those with germs should stay home, away from others, Hubby has the head cold from hell, which has marched into his chest. At the very least, you could've covered your mouths or used a tissue instead of your sleeves.  Hubby is not easily grossed out.  But his description of your oozing colds was not pretty.  And now he's down for the count, unable to even get in a few hours of peaceful sleep.    As Hubby is self employed, not only is he miserable, he's had to choose how to work without spreading your germs on to others.  This means him sneaking into the Shop when it's suppose to be closed to avoid contacting people.  I've done my best to get him well quickly, but this is one helluva cold germ and it is fighting back.

Today, it attacked me.

I might as well be self employed since I'm the Director and the entire staff where I work.  I'm now virtually locked in my office because this morning when I arrived at work, I soon realized this isn't my seasonal allergies kicking in.  It's YOUR stupid cold.  So as if the pinched nerve in my neck in't bad enough, now I've been enlisted in the Snot Races on the day I'm suppose to cook for my seniors.  Most was prepared yesterday, using gloves, but now I'll have to let them do the actual cooking, which is a giant No-No.  Of course they know how to cook, they're in their 70s...but it's my job, has been my job to do this each Tuesday for 22 years.  When they leave today, so will I...and then my groups for the next 3 days will be locked out because there is currently no one available to keep my Center open.

I hope you're feeling better, Mr. & Mrs. Inconsiderate With Low IQ.  But if I ever find out who you are, I will douse you in Lysol disinfectant, then ban you from our property.  I only hope you don't have children.

Your bad judgement didn't just effect you.  It was a ripple in a pond of illness that didn't have to be spread...but now it has.

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