Monday, September 14, 2015

Rain after a drought causes confusion

Most of the summer we've gone with little to no rain.  Suddenly we get a week's worth and all things which blossom suddenly think it's spring!

 The Gardenia is filled with blossoms....and this Moth thinks he's a Bee.

And the mushrooms!  A corner of our yard looks like a mushroom field.

  First comes little domes.

Which begin to fan out.

Until they look like this.  
I almost expect to see little fairies sitting underneath them.

Have a good week!


savannah said...

i have 2 gardenia plants in from of my house and in the 8 years i've been here NOT ONE SINGLE DAMN BLOOM. *sigh* mad rain here, too. xoxooxox

hope said...

Sav: the first place we lived had what I called the "Gardenia stick" had 2 branches. Well I pruned and fertilized that little sucker until, when we moved 17 years later, it was 6 feet around and five feet tall. I rode by 6 months later and the new guy had chopped it down!

The key is to prune and I use Miracle Grow time released fertilizer (good for 3 months). Now, go talk to your plants and tell them they're pretty, but they'd be so beautiful in the spring if they'd bloom. ;)