Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweat Equity

They talk about how you appreciate something more if you've broken a sweat to help create it.  While there were contractors involved in Hubby's Shop renovation, the two of us have done quite a bit.  Yesterday was spent outside putting up the last of a wall which covers the side of a storage area running the length of the new addition...or what I call "the boat's bedroom and space for other um...boy stuff." 

Just when I thought we were finished (y'all I'm so white, I fear bursting into flame if exposed to direct sunlight for too long),  Hubby decided we needed to add a couple of flower beds at the front entrance.  I don't know what looked like it needed watering more: the potted zinnias going into the ground or me.

So here's a sneak peek of what you'll find coming in the front door.  (And yes, that is a Coyote.  No, Hubby didn't kill it: it was roadkill.  A taxidermist donated it).  Hubby has thought about putting up a game camera by the front door just to catch the expressions of his customers.  You see, from the front, the building looks exactly the same...but if you glance at it from the side, you'll see how much was added.  Hubby said a customer put his head in the door Friday, looked around in a panic and ran back out the door!  Hubby walked outside to see what was wrong and the man said sheepishly, "I thought I was in the wrong place.  It's so BIG now."

Wish that game camera had been up when the dog strolled in to go to his bed for the first time...only to discover it was 40 feet farther than normal.  :) 

 Peeking in the front door.

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