Friday, July 10, 2015

I Think He Has The Right Idea

It's hot.  I mean H-O-T!  Like how-am-I-suppose-to-breath-and-walk-at-the- same-time kind of hot.  Today they're calling for a high of 102 (38.8 C).  If you're talking desert dry air kind of hot, that would just be uncomfortable.  But here in the South, the humidity factor will make that feel more like 106 or higher. Which is kind of like trying to walk underwater and breathe.

Watching the workmen who are adding the addition to Hubby's Shop, makes me glad I work indoors during the summer.  Not that I'm immune.  I was out there last week with Hubby, helping him build a 12 foot long work counter for his new space: we may have been under a roof, but there was no air except that provided by Mother Nature...and she was being stingy.

With so many different workers  milling about, (carpenters, roofers, guys putting on the siding) Hubby asked if I could take Boudreaux (our dog who thinks he's just a shorter person than me) to work.  I did yesterday and he came back with me again today.  This is Bou's idea of working at a senior center:

I guess it's my fault.  After all he probably saw the new mouse pad on my desk.

Y'all have a great weekend...and keep cool!


Thom Robinson said...
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Thom Robinson said...

Bou is one smart pooch and adorable as well

hope said...

Thom: even my seniors came in and said, "If you come back after life, I want to come back as him!" Yep, he has a driver, chef, housekeeper and play pal. Bet Sir Hank is the same way. :)