Friday, June 12, 2015

Stay-cation Starts at 5 p.m.!


Because Hubby is adding on to his Shop 
and I wanted to be there to help put it all back together again.  
Which was a great plan...
except the Contractor decided he'd start during my vacation, 
so I guess I'll be more of a spectator.  
That's okay... I'll be away from that other desk.  
Happy Weekend Y'all!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Always nice to be away from that other office! I had a bit of a staycation this week... but picked up two extra shifts (Monday and Friday) to boost the bank account a bit. These renos are killers! Financially, that is. Enjoy your time 'off'!! :-)

hope said...

Thanks Pon...but don't throw your back out doing that reno work!

Thom Robinson said...

Have a good one. I've been off for the last few days. Been nice. Hips feel so much better I finally got to walk Hank and been doing that for last few days. I gotta retire or hit the mega bucks. Oh how I wish. Have a good one my friend

maurcheen said...

Enjoy my friend...I'm planning somewhere sunny, quiet and exotic for masel and Mrs. M. (But just realised both our passports are out of date, so mebbe later than earlier! D'oh!)
Have a lovely weekend. :)