Sunday, June 14, 2015

Literally In The Shadow of the Greats

My first official act of vacation today 
(and my annual salute to Summer) 
was to make a fresh peach cobbler which is baking as I type.
I only wish this post could include the aroma!
 The recipe is my Grandmother's.  
I know you're not suppose to have a favorite, but Memaw was mine.  
Standing at my kitchen sink peeling peaches, 
this print is just over my left shoulder, behind me in the dining room.
It belonged to Memaw's mother: my Great Grandmother Lizzie.
An Irish lass whose mother's father I've yet to determine is Irish or Scottish.

According to Mom, 
she recalled that very peach print hanging 
in her Grandmother Lizzie's own Dining Room...
a fact I didn't know until Mom asked me where I got it.
Upon hearing the story I laughed and asked, "That grandmother?" 
as I pointed to a framed photo of Lizzie 
which hangs across from the peach print in my Dining Room.

Somehow standing in the kitchen of our 135 year old farm house
making that cobbler makes me feel as if I have
two generations of great farm women cheering me on.


savannah said...

i LOVE it! and now, sister hope, i am dreaming of peach cobbler magically appearing on my breakfast room table! ;) xoxoxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

Sounds excellent! I wish the computer had smell-o-rama for posts like this. *sigh* Nothing like your favourite thing baking in the oven to stir up all kinds of memories (and tastebuds too!). :-)

Thom Robinson said...

Dang I can taste it from here :)