Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thank You Thursday

Oh I haven't forgotten.  It's just that I don't always share my "Thank You" notes here.  But today I decided to do just that.

Thank You Thursday salutes: Mike Rowe. Yep, my game, my rules. Thanking someone for making my life interesting doesn't mean it has to be a personal buddy. For those of you who aren't familiar, Mike Rowe is considered a "t.v. celebrity" by many.  To me, he's a mix of all things unique and interesting, combined with creativity and a voice you've heard narrating many a program.  With a varied career from Opera Singer (I'm still shaking my head over that one), to QVC host (where he was fired and rehired 3-4 times), commercial spokesman to being, as some fans note, "The voice I hear in my head when I read his words".  He has a quick wit, a sense of humor anyone can embrace, an adorable dog Freddy who waxes poetic on Fridays on Facebook and equally adorable parents who are often found in his commercials.  His Mom even does her own Bounty paper towel commercials!

That photo says it all: part fun, part learning a skill.  This is a man who appears unafraid of tackling any job...or highlighting those who do.

I admire Mike because, quite simply, he's a nice guy doing his best to help others find the occupation of their choice, without the financial burden of a college degree. Check out his website mikeroweworks which provides scholarships for those wanting to learn a trade skill.

So Mike, thanks for truly caring about others, for keeping common sense alive, for making me laugh, for increasing my vocabulary and for not making me feel as if I should address you as "Mr. Rowe" just because you appear on t.v. (Thursday nights at 9 pm. on CNN...if the world behaves and you don't get preempted...again.) 

Most importantly, thanks for "speaking" to me...not as part of a demographic, but as a friend. That means a lot. My regards to Freddy. (My dog Boudreaux insisted I include a doggie biscuit, but it wouldn't fit through the screen).


Thom Robinson said...

This program fits him perfectly. He's genuine and real. I didn't know about the scholarship program. How cool. And very nice thank you Thursday.

Jerry said...

I've always gotten a kick out of Mike Rowe. I snickered at the notion of Opera Singer until I heard him sing on one of this programs.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Have you seen his latest poor man's promo? I love it when he does 'commercials' for his show on CNN. Three times in this one, filmed on Mackinac Island, he thrusts his chest forward and pops the snaps on his shirt open. He then nonchalantly does them up again. Having seen him in Dirty Jobs with no shirt on... well, you can imagine how many women are hooked by him doing stuff like that!

Is he married? There's nothing online about his personal life. He probably is. But if not, can I have him? I love his sense of self deprecating humour, his intelligence, his compassion... :-)

hope said...

Thom: he truly is "Every Man"...liked by most. Except those who were angry that
(a) he did a voice over for a WalMart commercial and they hate the wages there and
(b)that his show is on CNN. 99% of America, however, had no problem. :)

Jerry: I did too until hearing him sing. Nice voice. Better sense of humor. :)

Pon: I LOVE those! And "Friday's With Freddy". I once heard him say that while he's never married, he is in a "monogamous relationship with a very understanding woman."

Ah, photos. This one is of Mike and his Dirty Jobs Crew

And here's one of Mike that I'm not sure his Mom would approve of.

hope said...

Okay, Mike is officially too hot for the internet! I posted that picture for Pon, then all the power in my building went out for 2 minutes. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Ooooo! Can't say I am impressed with the diapers, but nice tan, Mike!! The rest of his crew need a little Vitamin D exposure. ;-)

I'd hire that man holding the 'help wanted' sign any day!!!! *drool*

Thanks for those. And hahaha! about the power going out!!! He definitely is not stuff. ;-)

savannah said...

you have turned my jaded eye onto someone i've seen, but never really watched, so thank you for that, sister hope! xoxoxox

(i've taken to not really watching tv anymore, it's all become to depressing.)

hope said...

Sav: I know what you mean about t.v...we watch a lot of Discovery, History, National Geo and not much network stuff. Hubby prefers his news from a newspaper, not a guy on the t.v. telling him what to think.

Mike Rowe's charm is in that while the adult in him takes important things seriously, the mischievous imp in him doesn't take EVERYTHING seriously. His sense of humor is a riot and his voice is lovely to listen to.