Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm Here...Kinda

Last week was our annual Sr. Fitness Games...the senior citizen version of the Olympics.  I'm still working on the video presentation for Monday night's banquet.  And even though there are the "tamer" games of Checkers and Card Playing, there's also Shuffleboard, Track (walking), Horseshoes, Basketball Free Throws and the like.  Just a couple of examples below...yes we have male competitors but they're outnumbered 10 to 1.  

I swear it was tiring just keeping up with the camera!

 Sadly the colorful red and blue horseshoes got replaced by ugly metal.
Funny, the Boss thinks we should use "plastic" ones next year 
because she finds them too heavy.  
She's younger than me.
I'm guessing the seniors might throw the plastic ones back at her.

You gotta admire her form.  :)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Plastic!?!?!?!! They don't have enough weight, do they? I can bet the seniors would toss them back at the boss! ;-)

Yeah, that ball chuckin' grandma's got great form!! And determination too, I bet. Looks like a fun time.

savannah said...

if your boss buys plastic horseshoes, just leave them next to the REAL ones and see which your people chose! (this is where our irish friends would say, "jesus wept.")

by the by, sweetpea, didn't you know you have to suck your lips in when you throw a serious ball? ;) xoxoxox

hope said...

Ponita: I know right? Might be fun to get photos of what happens next. :)

Sav: Yep. And that lady's form works well...she threw the ball about 3 times farther than anyone else.

maurcheen said...

Plastic horseshoes? Jesus wept! :-)