Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Okay, so that may be a little difficult this weekend, but we're gonna try.  

I'm still trying to kick the end of that head cold to the curb (cause it tried to take up residence in my lungs) while Hubby skipped the cold and went straight to an upper respiratory infection.  We're both on antibiotics and while my sense of humor is improving, his is currently on a downhill slide.  But he recoups faster than me anyway.  Then there's an archery tournament this weekend, which means lots of people in and out our yard...remember, Hubby's shop is on the back portion of our 5 acres.  The range is across the road, so we're talking 80-100 people a day...because this is a state tournament.

In the middle of all this we had a loan closing so Hubby can add on to his shop (yea, that's good!) yet the two of us ended up having to complete the dreaded IRS 990 tax form for our non-profit. (Yuck!)   In spite of my being prepared (everything was ready to go January 31st) which I hand delivered to the responsible Board Member (in mid March) and Hubby's attempt to "motivate" said individual, it still fell back on us.  You know your day is going downhill when the CPA you thought was handling the paperwork, due May 15th, calls May 12th to see if you can come by and "help".  But he can't explain why on the phone! (And he sounded 100 years old...found out later he was 25 years younger than that..and retired!).  Sigh.  Have I mentioned how much I hate math?  I mean really hate math?

But we prevailed. (However, there's something very wrong when a 4 page form comes with 48 pages of instructions!) So I'm adopting the attitude expressed below and wandering into the weekend in hopes of better times...and less coughing.  The dog is starting to look at us funny.

Y'all have a great weekend!


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