Sunday, March 29, 2015

Veteran Vision Project

 This unique project by a photographer shows soldiers in a mirror: who they are in uniform and how they view themselves.  Some of it is tough to view, but that's reality.  A book is being compiled for sale in the near future.  Going to their website shows you photos as well as a video discussing suicide among soldiers, at rate of 22 per day.  It's a rollercoaster of emotion to watch, but it's important.

This soldier was chosen for the cover of the book.
The photos are amazing and covers all walks of life.


Thom Robinson said...

22 per day is an alarming rate. We have to do more for those that serve save and protect us.

hope said...

Thom: it is alarming and it's the kind of story the media likes to bury under fluff...who cares what Kim Kardashian is up to today? They also have a Facebook page you can link to and they post a couple of photos a day. The diversity of individuals and their stories are amazing.

Elijah Pepper said...

I saw this project debut a few months back, and I check in every so often. This is a powerful project.

I love how it's getting out there, and getting attention.

@Hope, thank you for your writings, and post. Also thank you for the uplifting comments on my own. You put a smile on my face today when I needed.

hope said...

Elijah: I've shed a few tears over some of those photos...and wished I could reach out and hug a few soldiers. :)

Your courage to share what you're going through is amazing. I want to encourage you...but if I get to chatty, tell me to shut up. :)