Friday, February 20, 2015

Wild Week

We've been on a roller coaster ride this week, but thankfully came out victorious. Hubby's Mom had a cancerous tumor in her lung removed yesterday...and yes, they got it all! (Happy dance!) She'll be in ICU a couple of days before moving to a regular room. 

Unlike most women, I've known my Mom-in-law since I was 16 and dating Hubby.  I got lucky in that she embraced me rather than accuse me of stealing her son....her only son.  Hubby has three sisters.  I remember telling his Dad, "Gee just what you need, another girl in this family."  To his credit, he hugged me and said,"Ah, but you haven't heard all my stories.  And you LIKE my slide shows."   Well of course I did!  They were military who'd traveled to places I'd only read about.  In fact, Hubby was born in Japan.  They've always treated me like family.  And I'm grateful.

So while the job has been a royal pain this week and it's colder than normal, (Ponita, did you leave the door open in Canada?) everyone's okay.  Hubby's new knees have improved his disposition as much as his walk....and he usually has a pretty sunny disposition but pain occasionally crimped it.  We're working on shipping bows to soldiers, which always makes me happy.  Keep your fingers crossed that the "next big thing" for our Fundraiser comes to fruition...we've been working on it for a year.

So I leave you with this, my wonderful, invisible friends...


Thom Robinson said...

Well I'll try this again. Such good news all the way around. And I did a little giggle at the end of your post. It made my Saturday. :)

hope said...

Thom: good! Any time I can get someone to smile or laugh, I've made a difference for the day. :)
Have a great week!