Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trying To Remain Cheerful....

...and yet.

Oh I'm fine.  
Temporary annoyances on the work front.  
This made me laugh.  
And that's how I win the battle.


maurcheen said...

Having a glass of Australian Shiraz (couple of bottles if I'm honest!) in bed (a seven foot wide bed!) in a five star hotel. As one does. It was a pressie from me sister. I raise a glass to your frustrations my dear sister hope.
You know yer in a posh hotel when the bathroom is bigger than your living room and has TWO chandeliers! ;-)


savannah said...

yeah, i know the feeling, sister! xoxoxoxo

hope said...

maurcheen: chandeliers in the bathroom?! You're traveling in style...I'm traveling to a Staff Meeting.

Sav: I knew you'd understand.

Elijah Pepper said...

This is why they make us work inside, less sticks laying around lol

hope said...

Elijah...good point. :)