Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thank You Thursday

No, I haven't forgotten.  I've just thanked a few folks using a method other than my blog.  But since today's Thank You goes to one of my favorite invisible we go.

Today I want to thank Savannah Marsh Mama, known to most of us as "Sav". I love that she knows HOW to of her cute grand kids make me feel like part of the family, not a hostage to a slide show. Her meals make me hungry, her written humor makes me laugh out loud and I hurt when she hurts. Sometimes my "invisible" friends know me best of all. Besides, she has the best birthday tradition ever...dancing Maz. Thank you my friend for just being there.


savannah said...

you are the absolute best pal ever! thank you, sister hope!!! xoxoxoxox

Thom Robinson said...
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Thom Robinson said...

You da best!!!!

hope said...

Sav: you are most welcome! Hope you're feeling better.

Thom: thanks...been a tough work week, so I needed that.