Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

From Our House to Yours

Wishing all my favorite "invisible" people a very
Merry Christmas
and all the best in the 
New Year!

Knowing y'all is a present itself.  
And no...there is no Egg Nog at our house, 
no matter what Bou looks like.

And yes Sav, that is his favorite toy: the Christmas Possum.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you're looking for something philosophical or deep...not today.  No, today I bring you our family's silliest tradition.

The Egg.

Mom was a kindergarten teacher and she use to get some um....unusual gifts.  Every year we would single out the most "special" of the bunch, to see if we agreed.  That worked for years, until a new neighbor, not familiar with the southern tradition of Welcome-To-The-Neighborhood Basket.  This tradition probably isn't as common now, what with people so leery of those they don't know.  I do remember when I was a kid Mom taking a plate of cookies to a new neighbor from "up north".  The woman answered the door, said she didn't want to buy anything and shut the door.  Undeterred, Mom rang the bell again and began welcoming the woman to the neighborhood.  Amazingly they became best friends.

Okay, I digress.  Again.

So the newest neighbor obviously felt the need to hand over something in return since it was Christmas.  Her gift choice was voted unanimously the weirdest thing ever....a ceramic, fried egg spoon rest.

I must've laughed longest because I received it for my birthday the next month, with the note it was a "egg-specially" for me.

And so the silliness began, the egg circulated randomly, usually when least expected.  Over the years the box has been changed because before the recipient can open it up, everyone else is laughing and yelling, "The Egg!"  I typed up all the old answers, as a word is not suppose to be used twice, and put it in a book.  With extra blank pages to fill in, the book now circulates with the egg. 

No one is immune.  Mom even shipped it out of state one year to one of my siblings, thinking that was the end of it.  It came back to her...on Mother's Day.

I gave it to my nephew when he was a month old, noting, "You may be new around here, but you are not Egg-empt from receiving this gift." 

I ended up with it last, so it's my turn to share.  Who?  I'm not telling.  But I was shocked to realize we've been doing this for 20 years!

Guess there are worse traditions.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What? You Don't Want More Videos?

Wondering why I've posted videos instead of my own words lately?  (Although the Home Free video is worth the viewing!)

Well my "dumb" move recently turned into something not so fun.  The pot I thought I turned down, I turned up.  (Old stove at work with hard to read knobs from the 1970s).  I pushed the pot off the burner.  Right thing to do.  Then, without thinking, I reached across the pot to turn off the burner with my LEFT arm.  For someone who is right handed, I do a lot of stuff with my left hand.

Later on my arm stung.  It was irritated.  And it probably didn't help that an hour after the burn one of my seniors tripped and fell outside.  After ascertaining she was okay, a couple of us helped her up.  Unfortunately for me, I grabbed her stronger side and she used all 5'1" of me like a bar to pull up her big boned 5'9" frame.  The next day my arm hurt like every muscle had been ripped out of the socket but I figured time heals all wounds, right?

Until later in the week, when my "burn" began to turn into a rash which was quickly skipping down my left arm, leaving a trail as it went.  Yep, the price of stupid?


Fortunately it's only my left arm/hand but the blisters on my hand are the WORST in the pain department, making it difficult to type.  This took me about four times longer than usual to put on the screen.

So I'm taking it easy...if you can do that while trying not to nag one's Hubby into not overdoing it on the 2nd new knee.  So how do we stay "normal" and not blue?

The dog has no problems reminding us who feeds him. That would be me.  And His Grace is giving me that look again.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Confused Cactus

My Mom-in-law had a Christmas Cactus that had grown too large for her to handle so it came to live in my office last year.  It bloomed while I was on Christmas vacation but I got an idea of what it would look like when a couple of flowers opened before I left.

I have to keep telling the seniors, "No, I'm sorry you can't have a piece of this.  If I did, I'd have nothing left but the pot!"  They aren't happy but they are impressed with the plant.

So was I until this weekend....
when the danged thing decided it wanted to be a Thanksgiving cactus!

I told my Mom-in-law and she said not to worry, it will bloom again.
On Mother's Day.

I'll keep you posted.