Monday, November 24, 2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

How Do You Spell Stubborn?


On Aug. 28th, he had his right knee replaced.  Physical therapy was quite the eye opener.  And I had to remember to quit referring to it as "Rehab".  Hubby said people were looking at him funny, as if he had a drug or alcohol problem.  Weird how definitions change over the years. 

On Nov. 10th, he had the left knee replaced.   Hubby decided I only needed to take off the first week, not 12 days like previously.  As a joke I got him a Superman shirt to wear at the hospital.  Seems he took it to heart.  He was doing so well with therapy all the nursing staff were impressed and very nice this time...which wasn't the case last time.  He put on the Superman shirt to sleep in that last night in the hospital and everyone thought it was funny...

....except the night nurse.  Nurse Ratchet told him to prove it.  He did, finally silencing the one bad experience this trip.  

The last morning his nurse, who loved food and pointed out food commercials on t.v. to ask if I'd tried the restaurants being advertised, had his discharge papers in hand.  One last round with PT that morning and he was ready to go.  Naturally, for the first time all week, PT was late because one of his two therapists was in training and her Supervisor was coming that day for their rounds.  In fact the PT pair had walked past the room right after I got there.  I overheard the older one telling the rookie, "Nothing to worry about.  We've got a couple of star patients to make us look good," and nodded at Hubby's room.

An hour later, Hubby was literally pacing the halls with a walker, ready to go.  As he made a circuit around the hall, I talked with the PT he'd had the first day, who wanted to know why he was pacing.  I explained to her what the hold up was as he approached again.  

"Go that way and yell at me when you come back," she said, pointing at a hall which would allow her to see his gait. As he passed the Nurses Station for the 3rd time I heard a giggling chorus of, "Go home!  You don't need to be here," as he approached.  The PT was startled when he returned so quickly.  Shaking her head and smiling, she told me to go get the car and told the nurse to grab a wheelchair to get him downstairs as she was signing off on him.

When I got to the front door of the hospital, Hubby was standing at the front door with the walker and a nurse who seemed to be in shock.  She told us he'd made history: he was the only knee surgery patient who had ever WALKED out of the hospital.

I got him home Thursday: 4 days post-op.  I had to all but tie him to the chair, even with the pain and swelling.  He hobbled out to his shop on Friday and Saturday for an hour or two, even though his buddy was handling things for him.  On Sunday, he advised he had cabin fever and was going hunting with that same buddy, but promised he'd stay in the truck and just wait.  Just being outside was good enough, he said.

Hubby was a man of his word and stayed in the truck....where he shot an 8 point buck while his "hunting partner" didn't even see a deer.  I tried not to lecture and swallowed "I told you so" when his leg swelled that afternoon.  And what was the only thing Superman had to say about all this?

"I would like to have been a fly on the wall when my two PTs came to my room...and found it empty.  Wonder how they explained that to the Supervisor?"

My guess is they took the credit.  The truth is, stubborn can be applied for good...Hubby has worked hard to get those knees working.  I went back to work today and I just hope that Superman didn't fly around too much in my absence.  Wonder if they sell kryptonite at the pharmacy?

It's true: you can't keep a good man down.  :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014