Thursday, October 23, 2014

There's Retired....and then there's...

...retired with too much time on your hands.  Which is what I learned yesterday.

The senior citizens at my Center love jigsaw puzzles.  In fact, we keep one going on a special table year round.  Those puzzles can get expensive, so we've developed a system with a couple of our folks where puzzles are shared.  This allows one puzzle to be used multiple times, until we can all afford to buy a new one.

The latest is a true challenge: a collage of the American Flag made up of individual photos.  

Years ago I discovered you can't just put a puzzle on the table.  The box goes ignored.  Even putting the pieces out...nothing.  The only way to grab their interest, is to build the "frame" of the puzzle.  For some reason this lures folks over to start putting in pieces.  So yesterday I put the new puzzle on the table, flipping pieces over and sorting the frame edges.  Then something odd caught my eye.

 Whoever donated this puzzle had WAY too much time on their hands.  
Because after the puzzle was done, 
he/she had flipped it over 

 numbered all the pieces!
(I'm hoping none of my puzzle workers figure that out.)