Friday, October 3, 2014

Last crop of summer

Outside my home office window is a small strip of cotton field.  Small, because our young neighbor, who farms for his uncle, wanted to add some crops of his own.  So while 2 acres may seem like nothing to most farmers, he's managing to gather a few extra acres around the neighborhood for some extra cash...because there's a little bundle of baby boy expected in December.  He's a good young farmer and had I included a shot of the rest of the field, that another neighbor "manages" (he plants seeds and thinks God should take care of the rest) you'd see the difference in work ethic.

As a kid, I called them "Popcorn fields" because all that fluffy whiteness looked like popcorn.  That might've not set well with my ancestors, who were farmers, but they'd forgive me because I too enjoy warm earth and planting.   I actually found a newspaper article concerning my 2x Great Grandmother's 81st birthday which included,"She is not only able to do quite a good deal of work around the house, but still enjoys the activity of field work.  Last year she picked cotton with her grandchildren- and rarely ever picked under 100 pounds a day.  This is wonderful considering her advanced age."

Wow!  You go Great Grandma!

 Some weeds, like pig weed, have grown resistant to herbicides and farmers have actually gone back to having workers go into the field and pluck it out by hand.  My young neighbor did so this summer and that 2 acres is the only spot in a 30+ acre field without 5 foot high weeds.  (Take note, older farmer who thinks he's done when the seed goes in the ground).  Which is why I was so surprised to see something else in his field this morning.

Morning Glories.
Not many, just a small patch in purple, pink and a few miniatures in baby blue on the edge of the field.  But instead of weeds, they look like exclamation points on a more well tended field.

Now before someone points out weeds, 
that was grass along the edge of the border dividing field and lawn.  
He's good, not perfect. 

And so with such lovely color available, 
I took advantage of Bou the dog following me and snapped a few shots.
(That's my "crop" of yellow Lantana, planted inside an old tractor tire).

After all, it's almost Christmas calendar season,
and my 4 legged Pin Up only has so much patience with posing.
But after watching me snaps shot of cotton,
he wasn't suspicious when I invited him to sit down.

Y'all have a great weekend!


Ponita in Real Life said...

It's still so green there!! I've never seen cotton in person... I don't think it's a crop you can grow in Canada, but it sure does look like popcorn!

Fall is here, most trees have lost their leaves, and the cold is slowly setting in. I have to dig out things like hats and mitts and warm coats now. And the snow shovel, and the snow scraper for my truck, and the electrical cord so I can plug it in when it's bitterly cold out there (which is hopefully still about 3 months away). This weekend, though, I am focusing on leaf clean up duty.

hope said...

Too green...I'm ready for Fall color and cooler weather! It was cool over the weekend but back up in the 80s for the rest of this week. I don't dare move out my sweater collection for fear of driving us into a heat wave. :)

Ah but then, "southern snow" is great: maybe once a year and it's here today, gone tomorrow.

I'm glad we have each other so we fully experience seasonal change. :)

Ken Armstrong said...

"I must drop by and see Hope."

Gosh, I'm glad I did. Cotton and cool houses... it's a different world to mine, the one you live in, and it looks lovely from here.

Regards to you and yours.

Ken xx :)

Glennis said...

I also have never seen cotton growing thanks for showing this,

maurcheen said...

Beautiful. :-)


hope said...

Hi Ken! Glad you dropped by. Next time sit a spell on the porch and we'll find you a refreshing beverage. :)

Glennis: hello! That's the wonderful side of blog world...we get to see things outside of our backyard. It's like a vacation from the comfort of your own home.

maurcheen...hi Oh Quiet One. :) Cotton is such an amazing plant, with all that fluffiness bursting from the toughest, little pods you ever saw. No wonder people's fingers use to bleed when they picked it! When you talk to your Big Pal, please tell him we're getting hungry and we emptied the bread basket quite a while ago. Unless, of course, you think being missed will over inflate his ego. ;)