Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's so quiet around here.  
I know tis the season of school, football and,
 if retailers are to be trusted (ha!) 
the holidays...
which aren't yet around the corner but are appearing on shelves anyway.

Just sticking my head in the door to check on y'all.
Hubby's knee is healing nicely and he believes he can convince the
Doctor when we meet on Thursday, 
that the other knee needs to be done soon...
as in before HIS surgeon has his own knee replacement in December.

As you were.
Just know that you're missed.
What?  I am NOT trying to make you feel guilty.
I just miss y'all's presence.
(And Chef, I'm getting hungry!)


savannah said...

xoxoxxoxo for you and The Hubby, sweet pea! ;)

hope said...

Thanks Sav! Sending good wishes your way and hopes we're DONE with hot weather! :)

maurcheen said...

Tis quiet alright, and the weather here is unseasonably sunny and beautiful. I even got a swim in the ice-cold Atlantic last week.
Good wishes to yerself & hubby. :-)


hope said...

Thanks maurcheen...and I know where your "traditional Irish weather" is my back yard! Rained all weekend, sunny today, then back to rain. But it does take out that dang pollen!