Monday, August 18, 2014

I was 16, going on 17

I've been busy trying to tie up loose ends before Hubby's knee replacement surgery on Aug. 28th.   Won't have much time for hobbies for a couple of weeks after least.  I was cleaning up some Family Tree info when I found this.

This was my 17th birthday 
and Hubby-to-be-one-day turned 18 the next month.  
Ah, youth.
(Hey Ponita...THERE's where that 23 inch waist was hiding!)


maurcheen said...

Hubby looks very like how my good pal and drinking buddy Paul (the plumber) looked when he was that age. Well wishes to his good self on his upcoming surgery. And big hugs to you. :)


Ponita in Real Life said...

What a great looking couple of kids!! And I second Maurcheen's wishes for Hubby on his impending parts replacement. Just tell him your favourite nurse told him he'd better do his physio how and when they tell him to, or I'll come knocking on the door to whip him into shape!! (It is very tough but so worth it in the end.)

Those itty bitty body measurements never seem to stick around, do they? ;-)

Take good care of both Hubby and yourself, Hope. xoxo

hope said...

Thanks y'all! Hubby has been out riding his bike again to build up those knees muscles. And Ponita, he's already TOLD his surgeon that while he'll stay in the hospital for 3 days, he will do rehab at HOME. My biggest priority won't be making him do rehab, it'll be trying to keep him OUT of his Shop. :)

savannah said...

16? i can't even remember those days! ;) i wish the Hubby well and you, too! i'm hoping that i can get one more shot in my knee and push surgery out a bit more! xoxoxox

hope said...

He's been putting this off for so long, he's "bone on bone" on that right knee...and the left one will have to be replaced too.

(Yes Ponita, I heard you gasp)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Ouch. :-(